Thursday, June 28, 2007

::safe:: Hen's Party Photos, Thanks Gloria

My Flowers from Mum and Dad
and cute little Wedding Bears from Griss.

I LOVE this photo :) oh so happy!!!

Supermodel Sister

JadieBabie and Me

"I just wanna put her in my pocket!!!"
Gloria & Wom

The Bride... ME

I adore this photo... Alice & Gloria

Natalie in her home environment :P

Very fuzzy but I love it all the same
Me & Natalie

Lovebirds... Danielle & Luke
Look at that cute BabyBump :D

Happy Bride


Jade, the winning Toilet Paper Bride :)
Princess hat and everything.

Karen, Heather, Melissa & Natalie

Mum & Carmel

God, I had sooo much fun that night. All a bit of a blur... a very good blur though. I loved the game Lendrum brought, I still have one of the stick-on flowers :P Toilet Paper bride was a blast, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life :P I have more photos but they are a bit too racey for my blog... hehehe.


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