Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Day... The Story

Danielle & Steven's Wedding Day...

I wake up in the motel with my sister beside me. The room is dark and cool so all I want to do is sneak back in between the covers. But alas I am too busy as it is our saturday... our very special saturday and I am a bride. I am rushed into the shower and then I drive over to the hairdressers. Zandra knows exactly what she's doing and i trust her completely. We decided to GHD curl my hair using a light natural hold hairspray by DeLorenzo. I recommend this to anyone who hates hairspray as much as me. It was also meant to be pinned half-up/half-down but I liked it so much when it was just down. She shoved a few pins in to hold the veil and then I was rushed off back to the motel for my makeup with Dora (the explorer hehehe) and she was so fast and it was so perfect. She had already finished the girls and my mum by the time I got there.

Then we had to check out of the motel and into the Sebel Hotel. I got my early check in of 11am so I was very lucky. The change over was pretty quick and painless. After that I had a quick shower, picked up the flowers from reception and "ooooh'd and ahhhhh'd" over them for a few minutes. I attached the charms to my bouquet handle and I was set. The girls got dressed and the photographer arrived to capture it all. The room at the Sebel was very old world... dark greens and burgandy's and dark polished timber. I liked the rooms at the Motel better... oh well...

After we did all the posed brides family and party shots we went to leave for the chapel and my friend Wom rushed up and said "don't panic... the celebrant still hasn't arrived"... I was in some kind of euphoric state because I didn't panic, I just said ok lets take some more of me and the bridesmaids outside while we wait. It turns out the celebrant left the house in thongs not her special celebrant shoes and drove all the way back home to get them... WHAT THE??? So the ceremony started 28 mintues after 1pm... I'm sure Steve would have needed a stiff drink... poor thing.

It's stinking hot. Bright blue skies and no breeze... bridal hell. It had rained all week and was overcast the days leading up to the wedding. I wanted rain... I begged for overcast skies... nope, oh well. luckily the wedding wasn't outside but in the Sebels cute little chapel... the cute little airconditioned chapel :D Everything looked better than I had imagined in my head all this time. Everyone was doing the right thing at the right time. The celebrant was now stressed cos she was so late and rushed through the ceremony practically bossing us all around. If i wasn't in my euphoric state as meantioned before I think I would have been inclinded to violence :P She used the old copy of the ceremony not the new one I gave her so half the words were wrong and the sentiments I added were non existant but I didnt' catch on untill it was too late. Oh well. She also left the marrage certificate on the floor and a guest came up and handed it to us when we were having photos taken. Nice huh.

We had a "thank you line" straight after the recessional and i think it was the best thing we could have done for our guests. It gave each of them a few moments to say how beautiful everything was and how much they loved us. I didn't want to do it at the reception as we wanted to stay as long as possible. Everyone also loved all the ceremony showbags :D The bottles of water definately came in handy and the fans were priceless due to the weather. OMG Steve and i both cried right through the ceremony so the tissues were totally nessessary. I had big burly men with tears in their eyes and quivering bottom lips... it was so beautiful.

My entrance was... pathetic :D I was totally calm and smiling then as soon as I saw Steve I almost had a breakdown. Dad had to hold me up. I wanted to bawl like a baby but I had to keep some form of composure. I ate my tears, composed myself and set off down the aisle on my daddy's arm. My bridesmaids had practically run down the aisle so the music so I had a few moments to gather myself. I was so happy. I walked down to "Bitterweet Symphony" by the Verve and it was AWESOME. EVERYONE in the chapel cried. In the video you can see Steve blubbering like a baby :D After about 5 minutes at the alter I kicked my shoes off and shoved them under the signing table. No one could believe I did it. I did it because my legs were shaking and I thought I would faint. I would rather take my shoes off than fall on the floor in such a pretty dress :D

After all the photographs and hoopla we went back to our room to chill. Steve had a quick shower and aired out his suit to wear again at the reception and I did the same with my dress. I did my best friends make up for the reception and hung out and had a glass of bubbly and a girly chat while listening to Steve snoring on the couch while having a quick cat nap. Soon enough it was time to get re-dressed and touch up the make up. I would recommend every bride do this. I allocated an hour for me and steve to chill. I think that if I didn't make time we wouldn't of had it. We went the reception clean, fresh and raring to go :D

The MC was amazing (My dads best friend) and everyone including the hotel staff said the room was gorgeous. The staff all agreed that mine was the best layout, design and decoration they had ever seen in the Lachlan Macquarie room. So that made me quite thirlled and proud. The room I chose to use was the hotels smallest and boring conference room. Not even a room they reccomend for weddings. They've asked for a copy of one of my photos to use as a hotel reference :D I wanted full artisitic control so I hired all my decorations like table covers, candlabras and crystal.

On Wednesday night I rang to confirm everything with my photographer for the millionth time and he said yep sure no problems Caterina will be there first thing. WHAT THE??? Apparently i had been informed that i was no longer getting Dave, I was getting some chick name Caterina whom i'd never meet, spoken too or seen her work. I was NOT happy. Actually I was quite distraught. Dispite my apprehension of Caterina I was thrilled with her. She was very comfortable to work with and she blended right in. I hardly noticed her at all.

Thank you all so much for making it this far... and I haven't even told you the half of it :D


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