Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Music is the Melody of the Soul

The hardest part is narrowing down what my soul actually wants to say during parts of the ceremony and the reception.

There are so many parts that need songs allocated to them its amazing!!!

Ceremony - CD Player
  • Music while guests are being seated (15 minutes of it)
  • Walking down the aisle
  • Signing of the register
  • Walking down the aisle

Reception - CD Player 5pm - 8pm

  • Music whilst guest are being seated (15 minutes of it)
  • Grand Entrance
  • Music during dinner(2hrs)
  • Cutting of the Cake

Reception - Band - 8pm-10pm

  • First Dance
  • Father Daughter Dance
  • 2 hour set
  • Last dance
  • Farewell Song

I've just spent the last hour listening to Father Daughter songs and bawling my eyes out. I've chosen most songs, and I have a fair few ideas for each. Its just finalising my decision that seems to be the hard part...

Does anyone have any thoughts about songs to put in the 2hr dinner slot. Just soft, background music. Also if you have suggestions about anything else, please share :)

Monday, February 26, 2007


"I'm going to be late, going to be late, for a very important date!!!"

OMG I can't believe it... 26 DAYS till we get married!!!

I wake up in a slight panic everyday, believing there is something I'm supposed to do, some appointment I've slept through. All my appointments we recorded in my wallet. I have scraps of information scattered around the house, but it was all organised in my wallet.

Today I'm ringing up all the suppliers and re-checking all my appoinment times, so the next few mornings wont be as stressfull, it will be under control.

Things to do, things to do...

Tissue Bundles

Over 2 hours of painstackingly stamping little bits of paper, waiting for the paper to dry, cutting the paper, bundling the tissues into groups of three, cutting ribbon then tying cute little bows. I made almost 80 of the things and they look so cute.
They'll be used in the ceremony and in th reception.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shiny Disco Ball...Shoes :P

I bought these totally glam, ultra shiny, sequin ballet flats to wear at the reception. I would prefer to go barefoot but I don't think the hotel would :D

I thought they were nice and sparkly like my earrings :) I just have to wear them in... I'm wearing them now while I'm at the computer. I bought them off eBay for $15 including postage so I'm a happy girl :D

It's just dawned on me...

I'm organising a 5 Star event!!!
I always just thought of the Sebel as a hotel, a place where we will get married, a place thats quite expensive, a place that will meet or exceed our guests expectations and that was it.
I think when my organsier "Renee" was commenting on my organisation and that I was "doing exceedingly well at organising and coordinating a 5 Star event" that it dawned on me.
Now I feel pressure...
I think I've focused on all the little details for so long and now that most of it is all done I've stepped back and looked at everything and just gone... "wow"...
There isn't one aspect of the wedding I've overlooked. I'm so excited, yet scared. Not about getting married (thank goodness), but just about the reception. Once the ceremony is over and I'm happily Mrs Danielle Elise Melnyczenko, I'll be happy, because after I say "I do" there is nothing left for me to do (or control).
I pass everything onto a VERY NEW wedding co ordinator named Renee... I like her, I think she'll do fine... because she has too!!!
I'll still have my lovely helpers and they'll have their handy folders. I've got Wom who knows and understands my vision, my MC Glenn who wont be afraid to tell people what to do and keep things on schedule and my lovely mummy who knows all the family members. Everything should go well.
This will be the best, most extravegant, memorable and most expensive party Steve and I will ever throw. Its a party all about us, for us, celebrating our union.
Britt gave me my new nickname... she dubbed me "Zink"... i don't mind it :D

Friday, February 16, 2007

Feeling Fresh???

I did a massive grocery shop and I felt so good. 98% of my trolley was filled with fruit and salad, lots of veges and juices :) The lady at the check out in front of me had her trolley filled with pizzas, chip bags and the bulk bags of chocolates and other bad (but yummy) stuff. I couldn't help but feel smug and happy when comparing trolleys :)
I decided to take advice from the Special K TV ad and I bought "blueberries for my ceral". I also bought a really nice tropical sorbet and lots of little snacky things as im not really liking big meals lately.
yummy :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

They Arrived :D

YAY... They finally arrived from the scrabooking shop :) They were $4 ea (REALLY cheap compared to everyone else) and I love them :)
They'll be painted and jazzed up and put on display at the ceremony and reception :)

Jazz Rocks

I'm slowly compiling a few CDs to play during dinner at the wedding. Old jazzy stuff.. beautiful :)

"At Last...
My love has come along
My loonely days are over
and life is like a song
oh yeaaaah

At Last
The skies above are blue
my heart was wrapped up in clover
the night I looked at you
Ive found a dream that i could speak to
a dream that i can call my own
i found a dream to ress my cheek too
a thrill that i have never known

You smiled and then the spell was cast
and here we are in heaven
for you are mine
At Last..."

by Ella Fitzgerald

All the music will be of this similar style... heaven to my ears :) There will be NO chicken dance, NO Maccarina, NO Love Shack... Just beautifully styled music from the 50's and a few modern remakes.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hens Party... I cant wait :D

Finally, I get the chance to get all my favourite girls in the world into one room and just hang out and be girls :) I cant wait!!! Dani-Oli has done such a great job organising everyone and everything, I'm really indebited to her.
It should be such a fun night... don't forget to dress up, have fun with colour and enjoy yourself :)

Shopping in Richmond and Surrounds...

Use Whereis.com.au to navigate throughout Sydney and the surrounds. Penrith is the closest large shopping center with MYER and all the stores you could want. You can only get here effectively by Car or Bus, takes about 20min. Use the 131500:Transport Info website for bus timetables. Don't catch a train to Penrith... its takes FOREVER.
If you wont have access to a car, I would catch the train to Blacktown (30 min) or Parramatta (45min) Shopping centres. Blacktown is a bit bigger than Penrith. The train station is attached to the shopping center so there are no fears of getting lost. Its 2 levels and really easy to navigate your way around the shops.
Parramatta station is also attached to the Parramatta shopping center. The extra 15mins (if you can spare them) are worth it as the shopping center has 5 levels and is MASSIVE, everything you need and all the things you didn't realise you needed are there. You may get overwhelmed and lost track of time. I wouldn't reccomend going there the morning of the wedding. You need a whole day there.
Richmond itself has a small shopping center with hairdressers, clothes stores and the like. You can catch the train to Richmond for $2 and walk 2min to "Richmond Marketplace" and it's all there.
Oh and if youre going to use the Hairdresser "Panache" you can get there by train. Get on at Clarendon and get off at the very next stop, East Richmond. Walk across the train line and up along Burke St. then turn Right on Windsor St and walk 2 min and its the Pink Building with banners and signs everywhere.
If you have any other questions please let me know...

Getting There... TRANSPORT & MAPS

Wom suggested now may be a good time to discuss options for transport, give you directions and a few contacts and websites to make getting to the wedding less stressfull.
This website is the best reference... 131500: Transport Info Line

The TRAIN is by far the best and easiest option. Its takes approx. 80mins from the Domestic Airport Station. Here is an example of what it would be like on the day...

07:01 am - Depart Airport Domestic Station (Platform 01)

07:11 am - Arrive Central Station (Platform 21)

07:17 am - Depart Central Station (Platform 18)

08:47 am - Arrve Clarendon Station (Platform 02)

Very easy... It would cost no more than $18 one way per person. You only have to buy one ticket and it includes all transfers. The Clarendon Station is practically at the doorstep of the Motel most people are staying at.

HIRE CARS are also an option for those that want a bit more freedom. I have used Whereis.com.au numerous times when navigating around Sydney. HERE are the drving directions if you were to leave from the Airport. You can also alter these directions to aviod toll roads...

If you plan on driving from the airport please remember Toll Roads. You cannot use the M7 motorway without a E-Tag. These can be purchased HERE.

TAXI'S from the Airport are definately NOT something I would reccomend. Steve remembers it cost the RAAF over $180 in cab charges... DONT take a cab, If you have money to burn spend it on me :D

Taxi's in Richmond are only available when you don't need them :P I would reccomend booking any taxi's ahead of time. Save this Phone Number in your mobiles... 131008. A taxi to the wedding from the Hawkesbury RaceClub Motel wont set you back more than $6 :) Otherwise you can walk... if you REALLY want to...
Ok if anyone has anymore questions just let me know...

Beauty Timeline


07:00 I go to Panache while the BMs are at the motel doing thier hair.
09:00 We drive to Penrith (eat on the way... if I can)
09:20 We arrive and go to Clinique Counter to get my make up done.
10:00 BM's get thiers done.
11:00 We drive towards Richmond.
11:30 We pick up flowers from McGraths Hill.
12:00 We start getting dressed and organised.
12:30 Photographer arrives.
13:00 Ceremony begins...
14:00 I'm Mrs Melnyczenko... whats more beautiful than that :D

What do you think? I've left plenty of overtime for each appointment.

I've decided to go with Panache as they can accomodate me and are confident in thier skills.

BIG meeting today...

My Wedding Organiser File
I thought, since I've been so organised so far, I may as well over do it :)
I collated all my information, contacts, timelines and all the other good stuff into these easy to read briefs. I'm going to buy 2 more folders. One for Wom and one for the Sebel.
Today at 11am I'll be at the Sebel with Brittany. Today we decide on the room layout, confirmation on menus, discuss decorations and sort out all the timeline details. Of course I've already done it all in my head and put it down on paper... but I have to clarify anything... to assume makes an "ass out of u & me"... :)
So hopefully all goes well without any hiccups :)

Saturday, February 10, 2007


It has come to my attention that alot of what I placed on my MYER registry is no longer available for purchase... apparently I have good taste :)

On Monday I will be going in to Penrith and touching up the registry. If you should require a new hard copy, contact MYER and they should be able to fax or mail a copy to you. The ID number for our ccount will still be the same.

Friday, February 09, 2007

My bits and pieces...

My charms... a 4 Leaf Clover and Horseshoe... "M" initial for Melnyczenko :)

My Bracelet, $20 from Kleins

Me wearing my bracelet

Bridesmaids Accessories

Blue beaded flower hairclip $15ea

Bridesmaids earrings, $2 from DIVA

Bridesmaids Bags

I bought these cute silver clutches from a discount stall... $5ea.
I bought cute little watches from another asian discount stall for $10. I've sewn them into the bags. Hopefully they keep us on shedule during the day and nobody has to wear a watch.

DIY Veil

It cost $11 to make this veil. I bought 4 times the amount of fabric needed... just in case. I'm quite proud of my first effort. I'm going to make a double layer veil that goes over my face and another longer one. I want to see which one I like more :)

Omg... I got so much done!!!

I couldn't believe all the things that just fell in my lap at Penrith yesterday...
  • I found the silk tulle I needed to make my veil... and it was 50% off :D
  • I found a bracelet to wear... 50% off from Kleins
  • Spoke to a hairdresser in Penrith, REALLY cheap, can open up early and I'll have a 50% off hair trial on the 19th Feb.
  • I found a 2 pack of diamonte hair combs to attach the veil to... $2 from DIVA.
  • I found a "M" charm for $3 that I'll sew onto my dress along with my other lucky charms.
  • I found 2x beaded flower hair clips for the bridesmaids. They were $15ea but worth it.

How good is that!!!

Sophia wasn't at work today... so I couldn't ask her to 'moonlight' my make up for me. I may use Panache, but I need backup plans. I have 2 hairdressers booked until i decide at the hair trials. I have 2 makeup artists booked... untill I decide on a hairdresser. Better to keep my options open as things book out so quickly here. Plus booking appointments are free and totally legal :P

Anyways i'll update with photos in the next post.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things to do in Penrith today...

Since I was up so god damned early I thought I may as well make the most of it. Today I need to...
  • Find a hairdresser in Penrith
  • Confirm my appointment with Sophia at Clinique (see if she would come to me on the day instead of travelling to see her...)
  • Have sushi
  • Post some letters and an eBay item I sold.... $$$ CAR-CHING $$$
  • Just relax I guess :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Panache Hair & Beauty

A couple of estimates for anyone wanting thier hair and make up done, the day of the wedding.

Hair Upstyled = $65+ ... depends on how detailed the job is and how long your hair is.

Napoleon Makeup = $45 ... "Special Occasion"... don't meantion a wedding :)

Panache (02) 4578 5505

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blah blah blah

I haven't updated this blog in a week or so, so I thought I had better... just to keep you all amused :)

I'm still stressing a little due to hair and make up... just the logistics of it mainly. I'll sort it out and I'll probably blog about it :P

No more DIY craft projects to do... all done. I've rung around and checked to make sure everyone is organised... seems everyone is capable of organising thier own lives :) and now I'm just waiting and working out and eating better for the sake of my skin.

Well anyways, this is a very boring post... go check out the Hens Blog... and please, when you do... LEAVE A COMMENT!!!