Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Things I've completed recently...

The last couple of days have been really full on, completing a large number or tasks for the wedding... I'm starting to feel VERY organised. I just don't want to get too ahead of myself cos I know I'll forget something. Like when I get excited that I've gotten ready to leave the house ahead of shedule (hardly ever happens), drive halfway there then realise I left my Ventolin behind (My Asthma Meds) and end up twice as late cos I had to go back... :S

ANYWAY... so here is the list of things I've done (with help from mum) in the last 3 days ...
  • Wishing Tree - DONE
  • Bonboniere - DONE
  • Placecards - DONE
  • Match Boxes - DONE
  • Menu - DONE
  • Wedding Timeline - DONE
  • Pay Band - DONE
  • Pay Cake - DONE
  • Photograph Checklist - DONE
  • Outline Bridal Party Duties - DONE
  • Ontline MC Duties - DONE

I have a make up trial with Clinique tomorrow morning at 10am and another make up trial with Napoleon on Saturday. The Clinique trial was FREE :) I thought "Why the hell not".

I have to make an appointment with the new Wedding CoOrdinator at the Sebel for Friday. Basically going over all the decorations, the wedding timeline, rules, cake storage, band parking etc :) Should be a fun afternoon :S My old coordinator Megan quit last friday so nw i'm stuck with a temp till they find someone else... should be interesting...


EmiaTrawn said...

oooh, a temp... i hope everything is still all in order... I hate dealing with Temps.. i mean they're good, but when your half way through organising something and then the person who knows EVERYTING leaves.. it get's a bit stressing..... =oS It'll be fine though... sounds like your organised =o)

Dani & Mezza said...

Thanks em, hopefully everything goes as planned. Im making a meeting for us on friday before the BIG appointment the month before the wedding... cross fingers

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