Thursday, January 11, 2007

Table Decoration... FINALLY

I went to the decorators yesterday and I took Brittany along for support. I booked all the gear I needed and there is no more time for me to change my mind... ITS DONE :) I think I just needed someone to se my ideas in real life and tell me to my face whether or not its a crap idea.

So I booked:
2x Tall White Floor Candlabras, for the Ceremony and Reception.
7x 3-arm Candlabras, one for each table.
7x Oyster Tablecloths, one for each table.
2x Sets of 3 Tealight Candle Holders for the gift table.
4x Large Floor Canon Vases - To put the Willow in for Ceremony & Reception decoration.
4x Micro Fairy Lights for the willow decoration.
YAY... finally chosen :)
The photo above is of the 3-arm Crystal Candlabra with drop crystals. Underneath the candlabra is a small square mirror and scattered around it is broken frosted glass peices. I'll be using tall white tapered candles. Underneath the mirror is an "Oyster" coloured satin table cloth. In the picture its really hard to make out the colours but you get the idea.

The tables and chairs will have white covers and all the napery is white also. The Oyster table cloth is a 3/4 cover so you will see the white around the bottom. I will be having chocolate coloured chair sashes... it will look DEVINE!!!


dani_luigi said...

Sounds REALLY good..

Dani & Mezza said...

:D I'm so excited... and I just cant hide it!!! :D