Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Make Up Trial - Clinique @ MYERs

So... What do you think???


dani_luigi said...

you seem a bit pale, need more focus on the eyes. Otherwise great

Family-Times said...

Now that I can see the whole thing I think alittle more colour on the cheeks, and maybe some more definition on your eyebrows, but the rest is just gorgeous.

Dani & Mezza said...

Hahaha I SOOOO need to wax my eyebrows!!!

She said she would go a bit darker, maybe even more defined around the eyes on the day. But cos when I smile, my eyes practically shut tight, it cant be too dark or they disapear :P hahaha my china eyes :)

i dont have mascara on cos Ill be having individual lashes put on and my natural lashes tinted.
I took the photos with my mobile camera so its not as great.

My cheeks are just a tad light on the apple of my cheek... if i choose her ill get her to put a little bit more on :)

lepo said...

yes deffinantly more colour in the cheeks .... hehe chinese eyes :P