Tuesday, January 09, 2007

FREE Dinner... Yummo : )

As you can tell from the posts below we had a VERY good meal. You'll all be very impressed. We had a few things we wanted to change and we even created one of our own :D
The service was excellent and everything was just right. i wore my pretty green dress and Steve wore a nice shirt... we both wore our thongs :P We made the appointment for 6pm so it was still very sunny outside by the time we finished dinner... no need for heels :)
The waiter was very helpful and answered any queries with ease... I like that. When someone knows their job and is confident in their surroundings :) We got to try all the house wines on offer (VERY GOOD :D). The red was smooth and yummy. The sparkling was soooooo good, I think that will be my choice for the night :D. The white was good too surprisingly, not bitter at all. We will all be very merry on the night.... :D
Then they brought out the hot bread rolls and the butter circles... YES they pressed thier butter flat and cookie-cut little circles :) I like details :) Anyway... yummy bread!!!
Then they brought out the Entree... OMG... I choose the Steamed Prawns and it was SOOOoooo good. I'm not a fan of Avacado OR cucumber normally but it was yummy... very, very yummy!!! Steve had the Caesar Salad and it was great. I've had a fair few different versions of caesar in my time but this was YUM-E. We choose both of them for the entree selection.
Next was the Mains... a few problems here. The Sirlion was huge and yummy but it was cooked to Medium-Well Done rather than Medium Rare how he likes it. We were informed all the steaks had to go out at the same consistancy. Steve chose Medium to please most guests. The tarragon jus was really rich but perfect... and who doesnt like garlic mash :)
I chose the barramundi... I was aprehensive about the lentils. To start with I forgot what lentils were :P and as soon as I saw them I remembered and winced. But I tried it... :( I'm sure it was very yummy for someone who likes lentils... but the Barra was cooked to perfection and the tomato butter complimented the meal.
Dessert was next... We chose the Cheese Platter becasue we wanted some of our older guests and all the wine drinkers to have something savoury. Plus we also have the Black Forrest Wedding Cake. I chose to try the Chocolate basket but even though it was VERY good, I still believed we were serving too many chocolate options.
After the meal the Chef came out to talk with us and confirm our meal selection. We explained that Lentils just wont do for our guests. Steve actually said "its not very attractive... maybe something with a bit more colour" I cringed... Steve is still learning to tone down his tell-it-like-it-is manner. But the chef was cool and seemed to get Steve and we compromised on Mashed Sweet Potato. Then I shared my concern about the Dessert. So we came to a very yummy conclusion with the Brandy Snap Fruit Basket. Im a very happy girl.
We sneakily took the following photos on my camera phone. You should have seen the look on Steves face when I told him not to eat till I took photo... it was cruel as far as Steve was concerned :)
I hope you enjoy drooling over your computer screens...

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lepo said...

so not fair... how did iyou knoe my mouth was watering jujst at that time...

cant wait... n i didnt no u were having a black forrest wedding cake... hmm... ok... cant wait :D

love you