Friday, January 26, 2007

Rainbows are cool :D

Gotta Love Hubby2Be

He called me again this morning :) but I almost missed him...

I was sleeping and I heard the phone ring and the answering machine got him and so I screened the call (al'a Carrie Bradshaw) and it was Steve...

"Wake up hunny.. come on hunny get out of bed and answer the phone, I love you..." then I picked up :)

He said it so sweetly, like thick sugary syrup... he knows me soo well :D We talkd for a little bit. he's got a cold (great, i'll catch it 2 weeks before the wedding knowing me) and wanted to have a bit of a sook to his "wifey"...

I'm getting some presents :) He wont tell me what most of them are but I do know I'm getting a bottle of Raspberry Smirnoff, Vanilla Smirnoff and the 50 First Dates CD... the rest is a surprise. I'm so lucky to have someone who cares enough about me to go out of his way to make me smile... Just so you know I have tears in my eyes... :D... I'm such a dork... :D

I miss him...

P.S. Be prepared to read more of my mushy-squoshy-lovey-dovey messages about my Stevey-Weavy in the upcoming weeks... I'm in love overload mode :D

Thursday, January 25, 2007

THE ring...

Last Saturday Steve & I picked up my wedding band :D

Steve didn't want to wear a wedding band so I said "If you wont wear one I get one with diamonds" assuming he'd give in and just wear it on special occasions... nope.

So here is my pretty gold band with white gold chanel cut and set with 7 brilliant cut diamonds.

The 7 diamonds in my wedding band represent:

  • Love

  • Truth

  • Understanding

  • Humour

  • Strength

  • Passion

  • Future

The 3 diamonds in my engagement ring represent:

  • Yesterday

  • Today

  • Tomorrow

Perfume... I changed my mind...

"Magnetism" by ESCADA
I found this cute perfume gift pack at Perfume Empire which includes a body lotion and a shower gel for only $69!!! Normally $150!!!
Magnetism is my alltime fave. Out of all my 100ml perfumes its the only one I've actually finished. Its based on vanilla and cranberry... its soooo me :D and it was on SALE :)

Sorry Vera Wang... :( another time I'll buy you

Saturday, January 20, 2007


FRONT: A part of one of the readings for the ceremony

BACK: Instructions for the reading

Wishing Tree Tags

We made all these things from scratch. I love Gloria's stamp collection and had a ball making these with Gloria and Brittany. I'm not showing you everything :D HEAPS more surprises in store :D I CANT WAIT :D

"Mrs Melnyczenko"... god that sounds good to me :D

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Hair... an update

I've been browsing all sorts of sites looking for hair up-do's. The formal "Bun" idea I had, it's gone with the wind as a few ppl have commented that I need a little bit of hair to frame my face. Some girls on my wedding forum suggested a similar style to Jakie O's wedding day hairstyle (pictured above).

Wedding Craft Day Planned ~ FRIDAY

Brittany, Gloria (Scrapbooking Lady) & I are getting together on Friday to make a few little "kitich" things for the wedding. It's a surprise so I'm not going to tell. I just want a few details of the wedding that not everyone knows about :)

A little bit of delight :D

I bored wendy to sleep with all my wedding bullshit today... hahaha but I can't help myself. I also kept appologising for all my wedding blah blah blah... I don't know which pissed her off more :D

Nah I'm sure she enjoyed every minute of my indepth look and organisation regarding our wedding!!!

I haven't even showed her all my magazines yet!!!! hahahaha....

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Make Up Trial ~ Napoleon @ Home

Ok so after your helpful and conclusive comments I discussed my concerns with Natalie, my gorgeous Make Up Artist. We printed out the trial I had with clinique and she made the changes you all sugsested.
We did the base which I've very happy with, the cheeks too. Just enough to define but not enough to make me look like a vamp. Then we did two different eyes. One was blue/silver and the other brown/gold. It's hard to tell in the pics as we were just mucking around. If you look at the middle pic, MY left eye has mascara on... thats the brown eye. But its still hard to tell. I'm going with brown but IT WILL BE DARKER... plus I'll have tinted lashes and individual falsies one (FREE :))
She's giving me her $$$ tooth whitening kit. She got married in 2005 and had Zoom Tooth Whitening done. You pay $$$$ for it and you get a free kit to redo it at home 2 yrs later. She's 8 weeks pregnant and it expires by the time she has the baby. Those take home kits cost $400 - $600, so if I spend $150 on a mould thats still a HUGE saving. It lightens them HEAPS. She used to work as a dental assistant :)
Imagine... bargain pearly whites :D
So ANYWAY... tell me what you think about the makeup???

Things I'm doing tomorrow...

A few wedding things planned for tomorrow...

Pay off Wedding Band
Napoleon Make Up Trial
Book Hair Trial (Have you seen your veil Dani?)
Finish the Bonbonierre's

Today I scoured the web for Hairstyles... I want a few options as back ups. I wrote a couple of speaches and cleaned my office/wedding room. I re-organised EVERYTHING, sorted all the paperwork and receipts, all the stationary, also other bits and peices.

I'll update with make up photos tomorrow arvo...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Table Decoration... FINALLY

I went to the decorators yesterday and I took Brittany along for support. I booked all the gear I needed and there is no more time for me to change my mind... ITS DONE :) I think I just needed someone to se my ideas in real life and tell me to my face whether or not its a crap idea.

So I booked:
2x Tall White Floor Candlabras, for the Ceremony and Reception.
7x 3-arm Candlabras, one for each table.
7x Oyster Tablecloths, one for each table.
2x Sets of 3 Tealight Candle Holders for the gift table.
4x Large Floor Canon Vases - To put the Willow in for Ceremony & Reception decoration.
4x Micro Fairy Lights for the willow decoration.
YAY... finally chosen :)
The photo above is of the 3-arm Crystal Candlabra with drop crystals. Underneath the candlabra is a small square mirror and scattered around it is broken frosted glass peices. I'll be using tall white tapered candles. Underneath the mirror is an "Oyster" coloured satin table cloth. In the picture its really hard to make out the colours but you get the idea.

The tables and chairs will have white covers and all the napery is white also. The Oyster table cloth is a 3/4 cover so you will see the white around the bottom. I will be having chocolate coloured chair sashes... it will look DEVINE!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I've found it!!!

My Wedding Perfume...
Vera Wang for Women
Steve is going to buy it when he goes over to Hawaii on the 21st January. I doubt very much he'll be able to find the body lotion so I'll just buy it here. I've looked around for a Vera Wang gift set but no such luck... you would think around christmas they would be flogging off perfume giftpacks... they are, just none I want.

Make Up Trial - Clinique @ MYERs

So... What do you think???

Things I've completed recently...

The last couple of days have been really full on, completing a large number or tasks for the wedding... I'm starting to feel VERY organised. I just don't want to get too ahead of myself cos I know I'll forget something. Like when I get excited that I've gotten ready to leave the house ahead of shedule (hardly ever happens), drive halfway there then realise I left my Ventolin behind (My Asthma Meds) and end up twice as late cos I had to go back... :S

ANYWAY... so here is the list of things I've done (with help from mum) in the last 3 days ...
  • Wishing Tree - DONE
  • Bonboniere - DONE
  • Placecards - DONE
  • Match Boxes - DONE
  • Menu - DONE
  • Wedding Timeline - DONE
  • Pay Band - DONE
  • Pay Cake - DONE
  • Photograph Checklist - DONE
  • Outline Bridal Party Duties - DONE
  • Ontline MC Duties - DONE

I have a make up trial with Clinique tomorrow morning at 10am and another make up trial with Napoleon on Saturday. The Clinique trial was FREE :) I thought "Why the hell not".

I have to make an appointment with the new Wedding CoOrdinator at the Sebel for Friday. Basically going over all the decorations, the wedding timeline, rules, cake storage, band parking etc :) Should be a fun afternoon :S My old coordinator Megan quit last friday so nw i'm stuck with a temp till they find someone else... should be interesting...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

FREE Dinner... Yummo : )

As you can tell from the posts below we had a VERY good meal. You'll all be very impressed. We had a few things we wanted to change and we even created one of our own :D
The service was excellent and everything was just right. i wore my pretty green dress and Steve wore a nice shirt... we both wore our thongs :P We made the appointment for 6pm so it was still very sunny outside by the time we finished dinner... no need for heels :)
The waiter was very helpful and answered any queries with ease... I like that. When someone knows their job and is confident in their surroundings :) We got to try all the house wines on offer (VERY GOOD :D). The red was smooth and yummy. The sparkling was soooooo good, I think that will be my choice for the night :D. The white was good too surprisingly, not bitter at all. We will all be very merry on the night.... :D
Then they brought out the hot bread rolls and the butter circles... YES they pressed thier butter flat and cookie-cut little circles :) I like details :) Anyway... yummy bread!!!
Then they brought out the Entree... OMG... I choose the Steamed Prawns and it was SOOOoooo good. I'm not a fan of Avacado OR cucumber normally but it was yummy... very, very yummy!!! Steve had the Caesar Salad and it was great. I've had a fair few different versions of caesar in my time but this was YUM-E. We choose both of them for the entree selection.
Next was the Mains... a few problems here. The Sirlion was huge and yummy but it was cooked to Medium-Well Done rather than Medium Rare how he likes it. We were informed all the steaks had to go out at the same consistancy. Steve chose Medium to please most guests. The tarragon jus was really rich but perfect... and who doesnt like garlic mash :)
I chose the barramundi... I was aprehensive about the lentils. To start with I forgot what lentils were :P and as soon as I saw them I remembered and winced. But I tried it... :( I'm sure it was very yummy for someone who likes lentils... but the Barra was cooked to perfection and the tomato butter complimented the meal.
Dessert was next... We chose the Cheese Platter becasue we wanted some of our older guests and all the wine drinkers to have something savoury. Plus we also have the Black Forrest Wedding Cake. I chose to try the Chocolate basket but even though it was VERY good, I still believed we were serving too many chocolate options.
After the meal the Chef came out to talk with us and confirm our meal selection. We explained that Lentils just wont do for our guests. Steve actually said "its not very attractive... maybe something with a bit more colour" I cringed... Steve is still learning to tone down his tell-it-like-it-is manner. But the chef was cool and seemed to get Steve and we compromised on Mashed Sweet Potato. Then I shared my concern about the Dessert. So we came to a very yummy conclusion with the Brandy Snap Fruit Basket. Im a very happy girl.
We sneakily took the following photos on my camera phone. You should have seen the look on Steves face when I told him not to eat till I took photo... it was cruel as far as Steve was concerned :)
I hope you enjoy drooling over your computer screens...


"Chocolate Basket"
filled with a light chocolate mousse garnished with
Strawberries and Raspberry sauce
Because we have such a rich chocolate Black Forrest
Wedding Cake, we cut this out of the menu.
Instead we asked him to create a fruit dish for us for
those who don't like Chocolate but want something fresh.
"Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad"
in a Brandy Snap Basket with Passionfruit Sorbet
drizzeled with Raspberry Coulis

"Brie & Cheddar Cheese Plate"
with Crisp Breads, Grapes and Lavash
For those who dont like sweets - Grandparents :)


"Char Grilled Sirlion Steak"
All cooked to Medium
on a large Field Mushroom with Garlic Mash Potato
and Tarragon Jus

"Basil & Coriander Crusted Barramundi"
on Braised Green Lentils and Served with
Roasted Tomato Butter
Instead of the yucky Lentils we chose a
Sweet Potato Mash... yumm


"Caesar Salad"
w/ Grilled Chicken, Traditional caesar dressing,
grissini sticks and shaved parmesan.

"Steamed Prawns"
w/ an avocado, cucumber & rocket salad,
dressed in a lime vinaigrette and smoked paprika aioli

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Happy 1st Anniversary Danielle & Luigi

I hope you both enjoy your day.

Dani - Get the waitress at Hogs Breath to take a photo of you both. We havent seen a pic of you two together in AGES. Have fun at the Movies... I expect a movie review by tomorrow :P

Hawkesbury Race Club Motel Photo

My Room and the pool below

Larger Photo

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Its sooooooo close :)
I can't believe Danielle Weymouth became Danielle Andreoli a year ago on Sunday...
May love brighten your ever darkest days...
Yay... I'm getting MARRIED :D

R.S.V.Ps are DUE

They are now due... please forward all R.S.V.P.'s
as soon as possible.
I know it sucks to go to the Post Office at this time of year
but I would really appreciate it.
I have a few already from family members and I have put all the
cute little R.S.V.P. cards in an album with all our Engagement cards :)
Looking forward to seeing my Postman soon :)

Hawkesbury Race Club Motel

This is where I reccomend you stay for the duration of the wedding.

It is located closer to the Sebel Resort than any other accomodation.

I will be staying there on Friday 23rd March and celebrating my Hens Night there.
On Saturday 24th march Steve & I have free accomodation at the Sebel.
I have reserved 14 rooms at the Race Club Motel... you need to book NOW!!!
All you need to do is say you are with the
"Le Poidevin/Melnyczenko Wedding" and they will accomodate.

The Hens Party Venue

This is kinda what the Hens Venue will look like to give you an idea.
My apartment is pictured above. It over looks the pool with a huge
patio. We will have full access to the pool also.
There is no picture on their website.