Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Let there be MUSIC

"Hipp Piano and Vocal Duo are committed to bringing style and sophistication to your special occasion. Their repertoire includes a selection of classics, folk, jazz and popular tunes, ranging from the 1940’s to today.
With portable piano available Hipp Vocals and Piano Duo are flexible enough to suit virtually any situation and are guaranteed to bring style to every occasion."

I got a call from Joseph thier manager and the girls were able to do me a great deal so I could afford them... Im so happy :D

This is my shout out to them and to say THANK YOU


dani_luigi said...

So what will you be doing when you walk down the aisle?

Dani & Mezza said...

still not 100% sure... i've always wanted "Canon in D" but i'm playing around with "Bittersweet Symphany" instrumental.

Dani & Mezza said...

oh, and i'll prob just use a CD Player during the ceremony :)