Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Heather in her Dress

Ok, this is a trial photo to show me what it all looks like... the bodice is way to big and she's going to ge it altered in February. She's also no wearing the bra as she hasn't bought it yet.

I think the shoes are soooo pretty and I love the whole look :)

The Boys' Shoes

These are sooo comfy apparently and they had a sale on. 3 pairs for $130... All the boys have the exact same shoe size :P I think we got a pretty good deal :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Crystal Drop Pendants

Crystal Drop Pendant $2 each
I actually ventured out of the house today... YAY ME :)
I went and bought some chrissy presents and I wandered into the Reject Shop to buy some wire shelves for the laundry room. I was looking woefully at the christmas decorations (I cant decorate the house this year cos we wont be here for christmas) and I came across these little beauties :D
They're about 3" long, plasitc crystal look-a-like. I might hang them in the chapel or on the Wishing Tree at the Reception. Either way I love them and I'm so happy with my budget find :D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Let there be MUSIC

"Hipp Piano and Vocal Duo are committed to bringing style and sophistication to your special occasion. Their repertoire includes a selection of classics, folk, jazz and popular tunes, ranging from the 1940’s to today.
With portable piano available Hipp Vocals and Piano Duo are flexible enough to suit virtually any situation and are guaranteed to bring style to every occasion."

I got a call from Joseph thier manager and the girls were able to do me a great deal so I could afford them... Im so happy :D

This is my shout out to them and to say THANK YOU

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I love Napoleon cosmetics
I found his stuff stays on longer and feels great.
I plan to use one of his makeup artists on the BIG DAY :)

I like the soft cool look. Its something I want to try but the one below would probably suit better.

Warm and luminous...

Hair Down Idea

Im not an OC freak, but I was browsing for styles and came across this... This is what I imagined to begin with... Im afraid unless I douse myself with hairspray (which I hate) my hair will frizz :(

Hair Ideas

I like this hair style at the front...

... and having my hair like this at the back.
I'd have Dani-Oli's veil positioned like this on the day.

Guestbook... with a difference

I picked this up at GO-LO for $30
Guests at the wedding sign messages on the Matte and afterwards Steve and I put a lovely photo of our wedding day in the middle.
A lovely momento on our wall forever :)

Paper Lanterns

These are all the lanterns I was given for free.
The coke can is there so you can judge the size.
If you put a glow stick in them they look really cool.
They have a small tassel under each lantern.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pretty Parasols


On Friday morning I ordered 3 parasols and thought they would arrive on monday... nope. Early this morning we got them.. HOW COOL :) oh and I got 12 free bright coloured paper lanterns... maybe you could use them for the hens pool party dani :)

Anyways so above is a pic of the ones I chose... so much better in real life... the photos are going to be excellent :)