Thursday, November 23, 2006

UPDATE 23.11.06

So much done in one day that I just HAD to report to you all with an informative update:
  • Paid the Sebel

I feel $5k poorer :( ... but feel rich with LOVE... hehehe corny enough for ya?... well it IS a wedding blog :D

  • Chose and ordered my wedding ring... gorgeous!!!

Gold band with a white gold groove where 6 small brilliant cut diamonds are embedded... :D HUGE discount at the Michael Hill Jeweller 50% OFF SALE :D

  • Inspected Hawkesbury Raceway Motel... Love it :D

For those chosing to stay here, all the young people will be in the EAST wing, all my older rellies will be in the WEST wing with the elevator. Remember to use my last name as a reference.

  • Paid balance of the florist for bridal flowers... i'll leave reception decoration choices for another time.

I just love having everything paid off so far in advance... it also stops me from changing my mind too often :P The flowers are gorgeous and I totally trust my florist, I know she'll do a great job. I've paid for all the bouquets, fans sprays, buttonholes and corsages and assorted things for the ceremony. If the budget gets tight i can just use candles for centerpieces. But the main part that i want flowers (ceremony) is done and taken care of... WOOHOO :D

  • Researched HardDrive Mini Camcorders (for wedding video+ future)

Having your wedding videotaped can cost a minimum of $2k... I want a video but I can buy a digital harddrive videocamera for $800 and have it to keep and make as many copies as I want. Some capture up to 24hrs of footage. We're also bugeting for a second battery. We'll get be asking a friend to videotape it for us... any offers??? Hopefully someone else will bring a videocamera, not just a digital camera so not one moment is missed :)


lepo said...

ill be runnig around with my digital camera ... ill still be an exchnagie at heart :P

Anonymous said...

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