Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Parasols... still searching

From Chinatown (the one i would have)

From Chinatown (BMs parasol)

At the moment Im looking for Parasols for Heather and Stephanie to pose with for photos. I dont want them to be too expensive cos they're just for photos. has some good ones at reasonable prices. I've dealt with them before (the hand fans) and I feel they give a great service and quality product. They cost about $17ea. also has some in their store in Penrith but they don't have the exact colour I want, but they sell for $12ea. I could always just get white. has some listings, but mainly for lace ones. Theyre very pretty but at $40ez they don't really fit the bill. Ill keep an eye on ebay, but at least I have backup plans :)

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Anonymous said...

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