Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ok MORE Vases... *sorry*

I guess you're all pretty bored with my ever changing view and designs of Table Centerpieces. I think after the wedding I'll be able to publish a magazine soley dedicated to the subject.
After pawing through my wedding magazines for the 100th time I came across a business, situated only a stonethrow away from my house... that has the same fucken vases i've been looking for!!! Sorry to get nasty... but bloody hell!!!
Above is a pic from thier website. I dont mind the design but I think its a little to smilar to Dani's. However it means that these vases are strong enough to hold the willow in the corner of the room as I originally planned :) Yay :)
I am having singapore orchids, but I may change my mind and just have blue delphiniums :) they are the BMs flower :) The point is, I've found a supplier close by who has what I want.

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