Monday, November 27, 2006

Dress Dilema

I've been having second thoughts about my dress. I love it, but i just don't know if its really set to be a brides attire. Will I look back in 10 yrs time and go "WTF was i thinking???" or will I be proud of what I chose?
Mums dress was classy and elegant and timeless... I want the same style and grace.
So after tossing and turning all last night, today I laid out my dress on the bed and fell in love with it all over again... UNTIL... I found my breaking point!!!
On the back panel on the right hand side a large triangle of the original dress fabric is missing. Another piece has been put in its place and done correctly BUT... how bloody shitty is THAT!!!
I already made myself buy a $300 dress because I didnt want to spend huge and waste steves money (yes i know, OUR money, but im not working... yet) so I bought a Bridesmaid dress and claimed it as my own.
Now even after my pride took a hit and the bridal gown of my dreams was dismissed out of my love and respect for steve. These people have given me a defective dress.
If im only spending $300... I WANT MY BLOODY $300 WORTH!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leppy,
How are ya??? i'd be pretty peeved if i was you too... so what are ya gonna do?? are ya gonna take it back???