Friday, October 20, 2006


The invites have been sent and most recieved by now. People are starting to book accomodation and flights which is great :D

Not much left to do really, untill closer to the day that is. A few things to pay for here and there but all thats under control too.

The girls are happy with thier dresses and the guys seem fine with the suits. I love my dress and i look stunning in it. All the decorations are organised and all the flowers are chosen.

We've written our vows, organised the order of service booklets and chosen the processional and the signing of the register music.

We'r slowly learning how to dance which is actually lots of fun and laughter :) we should look pretty sharp on the night :) We picked all the songs for that too :P

The Hens (on Friday the 23rd March) is pretty much decided and organised. But no more needs to be done until january. The Bucks (on Thursday the 22nd March) is still undecided. Not sure how many people and where he wants to have it. We may even combine the venue on the Friday night, just have separate rooms.

Anyway other than that no more wedding news... :D Im my fathers daughter

Love to all

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


These are the earrings I bought with my store credit after I cancelled

my dress at the Bridal Studio. $220 worth of designer BLING!!!