Thursday, September 28, 2006


A friend online made this BEAUTIFUL monogram for me to use on my Order of Service books and the table names.... I absolutley LOVE IT!!!
She made the scroll part the closest colour she could to my dress...
Liv, you're a LEGEND :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006


  • What the room looks like facing the exit...

  • Vases with large willow and fairy lights
  • Blue Vase with small willow for wishing tree
  • Gift Table
  • Coffee and Cake Bag table (the grey thing is an Urn)
  • Pictured on the right it the Main Entrance/Exit

Decoration Idea

How the room looks (set up for a conference)

  • Wall of fairy lights covered by curtain on back wall and small section of corner
  • "Band" area sectioned off by tube light on the floor
  • Brown/Blue chair sashes tied in Oriental Design
  • Lavender Sprigs on Napkins
  • Votive Candles surround Vase
  • Vase, orchids submerged in water, floating candle on top
  • Cake Table, Brown/Blue sash edging

THE PLAN... may change : )

Friday 23rd March
5:30 - Late
Dinner, Drinks & Dancing
Dress: Sexy Black Clothing (to mourn the loss of my non-existent single life)
Glow sticks will be provided!!!
Please set aside some extra money in your travel budget to party hard!!!
Transport Provided

Monday, September 18, 2006

Table Center Options

These are the species of orchid I will be using...

#1 : Orchids, Canon Vase, Dark Pink Leaves, Fairy Lights inside

#2 : Silver Pod vase, orchids, willow

#3 : Submerged Orchids (floating candle on top instead of moss), Canon Vase

#4 : Canon Vase, orchids inside vase, explodng from top of vase, willow sticks

OK... please leave a comment/email me/call me and tell me which of these you like, or maybe even give me antoher idea :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Phone: (02) 4577 5555
Phone: (02) 9627 6022
Phone: (02) 4578 1166
Phone: (02) 4578 0520
Phone: (02) 4577 5999