Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Bouquet

My Centerpeice Idea

My Bouquet
My bouquet will look pretty much the same as this image. Im meeting with the florist on Thursday so we'll be looking at other flowers to incorporate into the centerpeices. The Phalenopsis Orchids (Moth Orchids) are pretty exxy so I hope it works out.

My Dress

My Dress Colour + Bridesmaids Dress Colour

My Dress Style
I've dicided to ignore the tradition of a white dress. The colour of my dress is called "Ocean" which you can see is a light silvery aqua. The dress looks fantastic and is very simple but the fabric makes it so elegant. It will look fabulous against steves handsome chocolate suit.

Monday, June 26, 2006

BM Dress

This is the dress pattern I bought to make the Bridesmaid dresses. Dont worry, it wont be pink :)
I'll be buying a lovely soft satin brown and the ribbon will be the same colour as my wedding dress. There will be no flower either. Im not sure if I will leave the dresses that length or make them shorter...

Colour Scheme

These are the colours I will be incorperating into the wedding.


These are the fans I bought from Chinatown.com.au and I love them!!!

Originally I wanted plain white fans without the blue stripe but the week I went to place my order they ran out of stock :( Thankfully the blue stripe ties in a little with our colour theme.

The fans will be for the guests to use during the ceremony and to take as a keepsake. The words "Steven & Danielle" will be written on the front bamboo panel and "twentyfourth march two thousand seven" will be written on the back bamboo panel.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Deposit Paid

Tomorrow morning we have an appointment to pay the total deposit, confirming our booking for the 24th March. YAY!!!

Gloria (Steve's boss' wife) will be helping me with the invitations so they should be off to you shortly... as soon as i locate my fancy paper...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sand Ceremony

I found this gorgeous decanter at a local craft and homewares store for $30!!! It has blue glass in the bottom so when you tilt the glass blue streaks arcoss it like magic. I later found these two smaller blue glass bottles with cute little cork toppers for $.5c each at an Op Shop.

The two blue bottles will be filled with sand. A peice of paper with our sand ceremony vows written on it will be rolled into a cone and steve and i will use the cone as a funnell when pouring the sand into the larger decanter.

In the original ceremony design the main decanter should be filled intirely with sand but I believe the smaller bottles are too good to pass up. So the bottom of the decanter will be filled and then the paper with the vows will be pushed inside so it may be read.


On Saturday Steve & I headed out to try on a few suits, one in mind being a suit named "Cody". Within a few seconds we realised the one we chose was perfect. Steve looked VERY handsome :)

"Cody" is a chocolate pinstripe suit worn with a tie-less beigh cuffed dress shirt which is so soft. It doesnt require a tie or a vest so its comfy, but a singlet must be worn underneath as the shirt is a little sheer. Weve decided to buy the groomsmen a nice pair of cufflinks and a nice belt to say thank you for hiring their own suits.

The chocolate will go perfectly with my dress... YES, I have chosen the dress but I cant share it on here as I want it to be a surprise!!! Im not sure if dad will wear the same suit... I would prefer but its up to him. My dress is a gold/beigh colour so black would look horrible.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Resort Features

Courtyard Room
Beauty Spa
Heated Indoor Pool

Reception Room

This is the room we will be using for the reception. It is the smallest fuction room at the resort but as we are only accomodating an intimate number of guests, I believe its just perfect. It holds 70 with room to spare so 50 people will be very comfortable in the space.

Now you'll just have to use your imagination for this part... the photo only shows half the room and the only photo I could find has it set up as a conference room. We will have several large circle tables spread around the room. A dance floor and slideshow will be up for entertainment. All the chairs will be covered plus sashes and the tables will be fully decorated. I'm also sourcing mood coloured lighting and a fun DJ to make it a little more fun.

Ceremony Venues


The Lawn & Lake

The Chapel from the Alter
The Chapel from the Entrance


The Sebel Resort & Spa
(5 min from Windsor Train Station)


When you receive the invitations (more like a comprehensive information booklet) special prices and accomodation packages will accompany. Also internet links to travel and transport information to get you quickly and safely to the venue.

Just for those with interest, children will also be invited to attend the ceremony but unfortunately not to the reception. I have soooo many "spare" children they would barely fit in the venue. Along with the invites will be information for local babysitting services that will come to the hotel of your choice. But i'll go into that more later...

So we went to the appointment with the wedding and events co-ordinator at The Sebel (2 min away from home) and found the venue to be perfect!!! The price was supurb, the service exceptional and we both fell in love with it. The date we wanted was available so once the contract is drawn we'll pay the deposit and start planning the rest of the details.

This post is to give those in need, a little extra info so you can all plan efficently and be here to celebrate with us on the day and well into the night...

Organisation is key...

This blog is for those who are granted the privilage of seeing my ideas, photo galleries and other super secret wedding info... What I've done so far...
  • Picked THE date... 24th March 2007
  • Narrowed down guest list... 50 adults and 10 children
  • Chosen Bridal Party... (scroll down for more info)
  • Found reception & ceremony venue... The Sebel Resort & Spa in the Hawkesbury.
  • Wedding Cake... 2x Tier Black Forrest Cake (yummy)

The Groom's Party

  • Steven Melnyczenko (Groom)
  • Anthony Melnyczenko (Bestman - Steve's Brother)
  • Stephen Le Poidevin (Groomsman - Danielle's Cousin)
  • No Pageboys/Ringbarers

The Bride's Party

  • Danielle Le Poidevin (Bride)
  • Stephanie Le Poidevin (Head Bridesmaid - Danielle's Sister)
  • Heather Melnyczenko (Bridesmaid - Steve's Sister)
  • No Flowergirls

Not long now... 9 months & 3 weeks to go...