Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Heather in her Dress

Ok, this is a trial photo to show me what it all looks like... the bodice is way to big and she's going to ge it altered in February. She's also no wearing the bra as she hasn't bought it yet.

I think the shoes are soooo pretty and I love the whole look :)

The Boys' Shoes

These are sooo comfy apparently and they had a sale on. 3 pairs for $130... All the boys have the exact same shoe size :P I think we got a pretty good deal :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Crystal Drop Pendants

Crystal Drop Pendant $2 each
I actually ventured out of the house today... YAY ME :)
I went and bought some chrissy presents and I wandered into the Reject Shop to buy some wire shelves for the laundry room. I was looking woefully at the christmas decorations (I cant decorate the house this year cos we wont be here for christmas) and I came across these little beauties :D
They're about 3" long, plasitc crystal look-a-like. I might hang them in the chapel or on the Wishing Tree at the Reception. Either way I love them and I'm so happy with my budget find :D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Let there be MUSIC

"Hipp Piano and Vocal Duo are committed to bringing style and sophistication to your special occasion. Their repertoire includes a selection of classics, folk, jazz and popular tunes, ranging from the 1940’s to today.
With portable piano available Hipp Vocals and Piano Duo are flexible enough to suit virtually any situation and are guaranteed to bring style to every occasion."

I got a call from Joseph thier manager and the girls were able to do me a great deal so I could afford them... Im so happy :D

This is my shout out to them and to say THANK YOU

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I love Napoleon cosmetics
I found his stuff stays on longer and feels great.
I plan to use one of his makeup artists on the BIG DAY :)

I like the soft cool look. Its something I want to try but the one below would probably suit better.

Warm and luminous...

Hair Down Idea

Im not an OC freak, but I was browsing for styles and came across this... This is what I imagined to begin with... Im afraid unless I douse myself with hairspray (which I hate) my hair will frizz :(

Hair Ideas

I like this hair style at the front...

... and having my hair like this at the back.
I'd have Dani-Oli's veil positioned like this on the day.

Guestbook... with a difference

I picked this up at GO-LO for $30
Guests at the wedding sign messages on the Matte and afterwards Steve and I put a lovely photo of our wedding day in the middle.
A lovely momento on our wall forever :)

Paper Lanterns

These are all the lanterns I was given for free.
The coke can is there so you can judge the size.
If you put a glow stick in them they look really cool.
They have a small tassel under each lantern.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pretty Parasols


On Friday morning I ordered 3 parasols and thought they would arrive on monday... nope. Early this morning we got them.. HOW COOL :) oh and I got 12 free bright coloured paper lanterns... maybe you could use them for the hens pool party dani :)

Anyways so above is a pic of the ones I chose... so much better in real life... the photos are going to be excellent :)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Table Deco... more i know

Ok so i went to the decorator yesterday... forget vases.. NO MORE VASES...
She had some for the willow which is cool and ill be hiring them. BUT for the table centers they had these cool crystal/glass trio candleabra candlestick holder thingy :) and they had dangly chandlier crystals hanging of them... really cool and glam.
I also picked some coloured table cloths in satin that look LOVELY. Ive got mirrors to put underneath and some glass scatters... YAY sorted.
$25 to decorate each table and i only have 7 tables :) YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY

Dress Dilema SORTED

Ok take it as wedding stress and lets leave it at that. Im ok now and im sane and will no longer question my dress. I love my dress :D

Love and Hugs to all those who had to listen to my lame bullshit about fabric and prices...oxox

Monday, November 27, 2006

Mum and Dad... Their Wedding

Dress Dilema

I've been having second thoughts about my dress. I love it, but i just don't know if its really set to be a brides attire. Will I look back in 10 yrs time and go "WTF was i thinking???" or will I be proud of what I chose?
Mums dress was classy and elegant and timeless... I want the same style and grace.
So after tossing and turning all last night, today I laid out my dress on the bed and fell in love with it all over again... UNTIL... I found my breaking point!!!
On the back panel on the right hand side a large triangle of the original dress fabric is missing. Another piece has been put in its place and done correctly BUT... how bloody shitty is THAT!!!
I already made myself buy a $300 dress because I didnt want to spend huge and waste steves money (yes i know, OUR money, but im not working... yet) so I bought a Bridesmaid dress and claimed it as my own.
Now even after my pride took a hit and the bridal gown of my dreams was dismissed out of my love and respect for steve. These people have given me a defective dress.
If im only spending $300... I WANT MY BLOODY $300 WORTH!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

UPDATE 23.11.06

So much done in one day that I just HAD to report to you all with an informative update:
  • Paid the Sebel

I feel $5k poorer :( ... but feel rich with LOVE... hehehe corny enough for ya?... well it IS a wedding blog :D

  • Chose and ordered my wedding ring... gorgeous!!!

Gold band with a white gold groove where 6 small brilliant cut diamonds are embedded... :D HUGE discount at the Michael Hill Jeweller 50% OFF SALE :D

  • Inspected Hawkesbury Raceway Motel... Love it :D

For those chosing to stay here, all the young people will be in the EAST wing, all my older rellies will be in the WEST wing with the elevator. Remember to use my last name as a reference.

  • Paid balance of the florist for bridal flowers... i'll leave reception decoration choices for another time.

I just love having everything paid off so far in advance... it also stops me from changing my mind too often :P The flowers are gorgeous and I totally trust my florist, I know she'll do a great job. I've paid for all the bouquets, fans sprays, buttonholes and corsages and assorted things for the ceremony. If the budget gets tight i can just use candles for centerpieces. But the main part that i want flowers (ceremony) is done and taken care of... WOOHOO :D

  • Researched HardDrive Mini Camcorders (for wedding video+ future)

Having your wedding videotaped can cost a minimum of $2k... I want a video but I can buy a digital harddrive videocamera for $800 and have it to keep and make as many copies as I want. Some capture up to 24hrs of footage. We're also bugeting for a second battery. We'll get be asking a friend to videotape it for us... any offers??? Hopefully someone else will bring a videocamera, not just a digital camera so not one moment is missed :)

Lachlan Maquarie Room

If anyone has any decoration ideas... please put them forward :)

Other things they have...

Standing Floor Candlabras
The room is very boring and bland, I wouldn't mind jazzing it up with candles and the willow

I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them in an advertisment. Not loving the flowers, but the crystal tealight. Its going to be a VERY hard choice...

Ok MORE Vases... *sorry*

I guess you're all pretty bored with my ever changing view and designs of Table Centerpieces. I think after the wedding I'll be able to publish a magazine soley dedicated to the subject.
After pawing through my wedding magazines for the 100th time I came across a business, situated only a stonethrow away from my house... that has the same fucken vases i've been looking for!!! Sorry to get nasty... but bloody hell!!!
Above is a pic from thier website. I dont mind the design but I think its a little to smilar to Dani's. However it means that these vases are strong enough to hold the willow in the corner of the room as I originally planned :) Yay :)
I am having singapore orchids, but I may change my mind and just have blue delphiniums :) they are the BMs flower :) The point is, I've found a supplier close by who has what I want.

Paying the Sebel...Woo Hoo

Today we are... Paying the Sebel :D
I cant believe it, we're actually going to get married :D
$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Forget the Duo...

Theyre booked out :(
They told me of another duo that would work nicely BUT...
...$1000 later we'd be too poor :(
I guess we're having an MP3 and speakers or a Dijijuke (pictured)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Trish & Gary - Acoustic Duo

To listen to 2 samples of their music, go to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. I haven't booked them, I'm just enquiring at the moment.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

MC for Wedding

This is Glenn bottlefeeding me when I was a baby.
Glenn will be the Master of Ceremonies at our wedding.
Hopefully he'll be feeding me Champagne instead of juice :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hair... drama drama drama... SORTED :)

The pic above shows where I would like my hairpiece.
Im not sure which flowers Ill use, maybe the same as my bouquet.
I still want to use Dani's veil, but just for the ceremony.
The pic below shows the hairstyle I would like.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Inspiration... just no pink

Parasols... still searching

From Chinatown (the one i would have)

From Chinatown (BMs parasol)

At the moment Im looking for Parasols for Heather and Stephanie to pose with for photos. I dont want them to be too expensive cos they're just for photos. has some good ones at reasonable prices. I've dealt with them before (the hand fans) and I feel they give a great service and quality product. They cost about $17ea. also has some in their store in Penrith but they don't have the exact colour I want, but they sell for $12ea. I could always just get white. has some listings, but mainly for lace ones. Theyre very pretty but at $40ez they don't really fit the bill. Ill keep an eye on ebay, but at least I have backup plans :)

New Table Centerpiece Design

Draft Drawing in Paint
Crystals will be suspended on ribbons attached to the roof at different lengths.
Singapore Orchid heads will adorn the ribbon and the candle plate.
3 different sized pillar candles will be on the Plate.
Maybe a table runner...

Friday, October 20, 2006


The invites have been sent and most recieved by now. People are starting to book accomodation and flights which is great :D

Not much left to do really, untill closer to the day that is. A few things to pay for here and there but all thats under control too.

The girls are happy with thier dresses and the guys seem fine with the suits. I love my dress and i look stunning in it. All the decorations are organised and all the flowers are chosen.

We've written our vows, organised the order of service booklets and chosen the processional and the signing of the register music.

We'r slowly learning how to dance which is actually lots of fun and laughter :) we should look pretty sharp on the night :) We picked all the songs for that too :P

The Hens (on Friday the 23rd March) is pretty much decided and organised. But no more needs to be done until january. The Bucks (on Thursday the 22nd March) is still undecided. Not sure how many people and where he wants to have it. We may even combine the venue on the Friday night, just have separate rooms.

Anyway other than that no more wedding news... :D Im my fathers daughter

Love to all

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


These are the earrings I bought with my store credit after I cancelled

my dress at the Bridal Studio. $220 worth of designer BLING!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006


A friend online made this BEAUTIFUL monogram for me to use on my Order of Service books and the table names.... I absolutley LOVE IT!!!
She made the scroll part the closest colour she could to my dress...
Liv, you're a LEGEND :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006


  • What the room looks like facing the exit...

  • Vases with large willow and fairy lights
  • Blue Vase with small willow for wishing tree
  • Gift Table
  • Coffee and Cake Bag table (the grey thing is an Urn)
  • Pictured on the right it the Main Entrance/Exit

Decoration Idea

How the room looks (set up for a conference)

  • Wall of fairy lights covered by curtain on back wall and small section of corner
  • "Band" area sectioned off by tube light on the floor
  • Brown/Blue chair sashes tied in Oriental Design
  • Lavender Sprigs on Napkins
  • Votive Candles surround Vase
  • Vase, orchids submerged in water, floating candle on top
  • Cake Table, Brown/Blue sash edging

THE PLAN... may change : )

Friday 23rd March
5:30 - Late
Dinner, Drinks & Dancing
Dress: Sexy Black Clothing (to mourn the loss of my non-existent single life)
Glow sticks will be provided!!!
Please set aside some extra money in your travel budget to party hard!!!
Transport Provided

Monday, September 18, 2006

Table Center Options

These are the species of orchid I will be using...

#1 : Orchids, Canon Vase, Dark Pink Leaves, Fairy Lights inside

#2 : Silver Pod vase, orchids, willow

#3 : Submerged Orchids (floating candle on top instead of moss), Canon Vase

#4 : Canon Vase, orchids inside vase, explodng from top of vase, willow sticks

OK... please leave a comment/email me/call me and tell me which of these you like, or maybe even give me antoher idea :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Phone: (02) 4577 5555
Phone: (02) 9627 6022
Phone: (02) 4578 1166
Phone: (02) 4578 0520
Phone: (02) 4577 5999

Monday, August 28, 2006

Vase Hire

Ok for those who know, im really sorry i made you listen to me whinge... BUT...


The vases I want and everything. Then on the weekend I found someone who can do the whole thing up for me for pretty much the same price. Im going to double check everything thing though and get back to you all about it cos i know youre all just DYING to know what happens next in the saga of the orchid & the vase..... :P

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Table DECO

This is what the mock set up looked like when i went to the florist again this afternoon.

Saturday, August 05, 2006


What im getting for our hard earned money...

1x Bouquet- Natural stem posy of: white lilianthus, champagne roses, white singapore orchids, lavender, magnolia leaves, lambs tongue, old mans whiskers and wrapped with silver ribbon.

1x Grooms Buttonhole- white rose with singapore orchid and old mans whiskers

2x BM Bouquets- Smaller than brides but with same flowers. Also a few florets of deep blue delphiniums.

2x Groomsmens buttonholes- white rose with a floret of deep blue delphinium

2x FOB Buttonholes- White rose with sprig of lavender

2x MOB Wrist Corsages- Mini Champagne roses, dusty miller, lavender sprigs, vine andsilver ribbon

TOTAL = $355

Then for the reception/ceremony im buying bulk white/burgandy singapore orchids at $4.50 per bunch of 8 stems and then large bunches of tall willow at $10 for 15 sticks. All i can say is that it works out a lot better than the $1,600 quote i got the other day for the phalenopsis orchids that i originally wanted.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bridesmaid Dress Confirmed

I bought the dresses from a store in Blacktown... a brilliant find. They were $65 each but were apart of a 50% off sale so I got them for $32.50 each!!! They're made from streach satin thats fully lined with tulle at the bottom. The colour of the dress is effected in the photo due to the flash. The colour is the same as the tulle. The bottom of the dress is turned up in the picture to show the lining. It doenst really look like that when its worn.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Bouquet

My Centerpeice Idea

My Bouquet
My bouquet will look pretty much the same as this image. Im meeting with the florist on Thursday so we'll be looking at other flowers to incorporate into the centerpeices. The Phalenopsis Orchids (Moth Orchids) are pretty exxy so I hope it works out.